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Phantom of the Opera Bunny

Do you dare to dream again? For there you'll find.... The Phantom of the Opera Bunny! That's right everyone's favorite masked musical master himself in squishy bunny form. Erik is 18in and comes with his iconic removable half faced mask made of felt which hides hand painted scars, a little velour jacket and magnets in his paws to hug you or hold his own little custom felt rose with. Wether you are a young musician in need of your own Angel to guide you, or are a life time fan of the book, musicals, or films this bunny is just for you!


Erik comes in a standard outfit befitting the Broadway musical, HOWEVER there are MANY phantoms out there. Be sure to Go to our Custom Order Page if you wish to order your own Custom Version of your favorite Phantom.


Each rabbit is handmade to order and will take 3-4 weeks to complete. 

Phantom of the Opera Bunny

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