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How we started

     The Little RabbitTree started in 2015, it was all based from my personal desire to have a favorite superhero as a fluffy plushie.

    Taking inspiration from our own pet rabbits, I first started designing and making these bunnies for myself and as gifts for friends. Soon I started getting emails requesting me to make a special character for someone's friend........and it began!

     It is a craft that enables me to use my artistic and animation skills with my love of sewing on vintage sewing machines!

     I love creating and making these adorable new creatures by hand for each customer, knowing that they will be appreciated and loved by their new owner!

     It is also very important to me to "give back", so you will notice at times it is noted that a percentage of sales of a specific bunny are donated to a charity.

     Thank you for taking the time to read this short story about us and I hope it has made you smile.

Miles Calloway



Meet the Artist

Handmade with care


Each one of our rabbits are carefully crafted by hand and we pride ourselves on honoring details and character of your favorite heroes and villains.  We treat each rabbit as a work of art made specifically for their new homes. Detail work is all hand done and hand sewn with care, and machine sewing is all done on our vintage sewing machines by hand as well. 

If you would like to see how our rabbits are made and our current works in progress check out our,

Commission's Page


Any character you want can be yours.  Hand made just for you.

Check our these many rabbits and Patronus bunny below!

blazeblu bunny
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patronus rabbit


Our Custom Rabbits are tailored to your desires.  Any Character you want, any design you want. Send us a description of the character you want along with a reference and we will send back a turnaround of your rabbit for free along with an estimate and go from there.

Visit our Custom order page to order your own special rabbit today!

Patronus Rabbit

See Patronus Bunny in action


bunnies and vintage sewing machine

All of our rabbits are created on vintage sewing machines

Batman bunny and vintage sewing machine
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